Who we are


With decades of experience advising, operating, and founding startups, we understand what it takes to build a business. From determining the right market to planning, mobilizing, and executing to address it, our guidance reduces future uncertainty and present anxiety.


As analysts, we constantly refine our tools and processes as well as our outputs. True information foragers, we seek out the right balance of rigor and efficiency for the problem and project at hand to deliver unparalleled value.


A startup or new product or service launch is more marathon than sprint, but it nonetheless has many sprints along the way. We aim to be your partner and advisor for the marathon while also supporting the key sprints of market analysis and testing, market validation, planning and launch, and post-launch testing and support.


Fruit: Figs
Sport: Tennis
Philosopher: Aristotle
Living Author: Stephenson
Geeks out about: Cooking, Urban Foraging, Harry Nilsson, Babylon 5, Ontology

Nik Levenberg, Founder

With 20 years’ experience spanning IT, business strategy, and startup fundraising and operations, Nik has previously built two strategy practices, led multiple long-term strategic consulting engagements with Fortune 500 clients in the Supply Chain and Transportation sectors, analyzed more than one hundred business plans, and written more than a few.

He has played key roles in the strategic planning and consequent re-organization of two professional services firms, and is skilled at bridging technical, operational, and financial considerations into clear models and frameworks. Nik is a technologist and futurist, and brings a broad body of knowledge and practical experience to areas such as strategic planning and competitive analysis, while he deploys his technical acumen to stay at the cutting edge of collaboration and workflow.

Please read on to learn more about what we do and what we’ve done. To get in touch: let’s talk strategy.

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