What we do

To innovate is often to forage for insight; unearth it in your users or clients, market, competition, or technology, and apply it to your product or business. The sharpest hunter reveals the greatest bounty, and the forager knows to look at everything possible.

When foraging, even over known territory, you’re never quite sure what you’ll find. You have a hypothesis, an expectation, knowledge, and experience, but everything is driven by exploration. You don’t let the plan stop you from looking around for things you might have missed on previous trips.

As your partner in exploration, we find and connect the dots with analytical and decision-support services that are at once rigorous and nimble, helping you build a solid foundation to scale.

Startup Advisory

For the really big decisions: which vertical to target first, how to price, whether to sell directly or through resale or distribution, our tremendous breadth of experience coupled with fresh, tailored research ensures confident choices. We deliver immediately usable understanding and flexible tools that improve planning, forecasting, and information capture on an ongoing basis.

Innovation Support

We help innovation leaders develop concise, communicable frameworks and plans. Technologists and keen conceptual analysts, we come up to speed fast and deliver value quickly, sharing hypotheses and findings along the way and seeking opportunities to collaborate with your in-house experts.

Here’s more about what we’ve done. If you’ve read enough, let’s talk strategy.

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